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We are conditioned to perceiving photographs as “instants” in time….

This series challenges this familiar interpretation by capturing Long Exposures, bathed in light, colour and hidden movement.

During the day our eyes see in familiar colours, but at night, we see almost entirely in black and white. The camera however, continues to capture the colours we cannot see even in the depths of night as in our dreams….

The images in this series are lit entirely by the ethereal glow of the moon. As each day ends, the earth cools, the wind drops. Silence and darkness prevail often accompanied by a natural stillness….

As morning twilight approaches, and then dawn, each new day begins with the sun rising from under the horizon, softly lighting the underside of the clouds with cool, gentle, colours that we rarely see during the day.....

Available in various sizes, mounted or framed.

Printed professionally on C-Type acrhival colour papers to your preferred finish.

Seaford DawnReflectionsSistersSisters IIBeachy HeadBlue BelleBirling GapSeaford TwilightBeachy HeadMeeting House LaneCoastguard CottagesRevolutions